Extra virgin olive oil of Lucca

The term “Oil of Lucca” refers to any oil produced from the olives of trees located on the hills within a 6 mile (9km) radius of the city’s walls.

Olives have been cultivated in the province of Lucca for many centuries. As early as the 1300s Oil of Lucca was well-known across Italy and further afield. Merchants all over the world used it as a basis for comparison when purchasing produce.

Extra virgin olive oil from the Lucca hills, whether it be IGP (indicazione geografica protetta : protected geographical indication), DOP (denominazione di origine protetta : protected denomination of origin) or BIOLOGICO (organic), is derived from a specific combination of olive varieties. 80% are olives of the FRANTOIO variety and the remaining 20% are a combination predominantly made up of the LECCINO, MARAIOLO and PENDOLINO varieties.

It is this particular mix of olives that distinguishes our oil from all others produced all over the world. By carefully balancing the proportions of the different varieties we confer a unique flavour to our oil. It smells of fresh ripe olives and sits perfectly balanced between sweet and spicy.

These are the characteristics you can enjoy in the olive oil which we take pleasure and pride in producing: the fruits of our attention to detail and great expertise

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