The Olive Hazelnut

The Nocciolino di Oliva is an absolutely natural product that is obtained during the processing of olives through the use of specific machines that exploit only the centrifugal force, thus obtaining an ecological biomass fuel that can produce both heat and electricity in full respect of the environment. we live in.

As mentioned, the olive pits are produced directly in the mill during the olive pressing period, where the oil, while remaining the main product and protagonist, is flanked by its natural by-product: the olive pits. The latter is extracted from the olive thanks to modern machinery called stone separators which, using the centrifugal force, are able to mechanically separate the stone from the pulp without using any solvent or any chemical substance.

The hazelnut is therefore a natural, odorless and 100% ecological product, produced in our oil mill with local olives and strictly controlled and traced processing; it has a high calorific value and a yield of more than 6.05 kwh or 5,200 kcal / kg and is an excellent response to pollution and environmental protection; it is also quite cheap compared to traditional fuels such as gas and oil, the continuous increase of which is there for all to see. It also reduces the production of fumes and ashes, consequently decreasing the maintenance of the boilers. Moreover, the ash, being an ecological product, can be reused as a natural fertilizer.
Its low humidity minimizes the possibility of mold forming and having a granular and compact structure it remains stable over time and without weight loss.

Obviously, for those who own a pellet boiler, it is advisable to check the possibility of replacing it with the olive stone as, in addition to all the advantages already mentioned, it will allow us to have a considerable economic saving.

The olive kernel, available at our oil mill from the current 2014-2015 campaign, can be sold both in bulk and in bags.

For information on availability and prices please contact us.

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